Fiche projet

Decentralized electrification program in Bakel department
Country and regions
Senegal, department of Bakel

Association of the Villages of Sinthiou Boubou (AISB)

Project financing
Program for micro-realizations/decentralized cooperation of the European Union
Department of Energy
Rural Communities

Project issue
Solar photovoltaic electrification

Project supervision/contractors
AISB, with technical assistance from SEMIS

Total Energy, equipment provider

Project description

The program centers around four points:

• First, the
electrification by photovoltaic systems of 39 community facilities located in 18 villages of 7 different rural communities (out of the 13 which form the department). These facilities include: medical centers, schools, mosques and community centers.

• Second, setting up
an investment fund, aimed at providing 85 individual photovoltaic systems to facilitate the access of rural households to electrification.

• Third,
a maintenance program, managed by the AISB, aiming to ensure the sustainability of the photovoltaic installations. Three local technicians who belong to the AISB were trained and equipped by the program.

• The last step is the
creation of a "Solar Shop" managed by the AISB in Goudiry. The first example of a community-managed decentralized technical structure in Senegal, and nervous center of the rural dynamics for the whole department.

The proposed system has for objective to guarantee in a lasting way, the good functioning of the photovoltaic equipments installed. It relies on a common sharing of risks through a centralized management by the AISB of maintenance and installations renewal.
The users are required to sign a membership contract with the AISB to be entitled to receive repairs on the installations and eventual replacement when the equipment is worn out. In exchange for the service the users pay to the AISB a monthly fee, whose amount is related to the size of the installations. Beforehand, users must pay all costs for previous installations.

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