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Local Service Centers (CCA)
Regefor Countries
Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Tchad


Project financing
Rural Communities

Project issue
Electrification via photovoltaic systems, public commercial services

Project supervision/contractor


Project description

It aims at providing African villages of some importance (2,000 to 5,000 inhabitants) with a set of minimum-comfort services, in addition to the existing water and health services of strictly necessary to life.

The multi-service center CCA (LSC: Local Service Center) has for objective to provide the rural populations with:

• commercial services (telephony; TV showings; renting of: photovoltaic kits, portable solar-powered lamps, energy boxes; battery recharging; sale of soft drinks);
• non-commercial services, such as providing electricity to public facilities (maternities, hospitals, community clinics, schools, community centers…) and to market places and religious centers.

The viability of a local service center depends on the villages' level of equipment. The minimum resources required for the implementation of a local service center are:

• sustainable natural resources and local economy (breeding, agriculture, small scale cottage industry,…..)
• a water supply service using an electrical water pump system (sun-powered or other)
• a basic health service, already having at its disposal a system to preserve medicines and vaccines by refrigeration (solar, natural gas, or fuel powered refrigerator)
• a technical environment of proximity, with available and competent local professionals, for the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic and diesel decentralized power plants and of low voltage receptors.
• human resources capable, after adequate training, of managing the local service center and providing first-level maintenance on the equipment.

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