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Program for the supply of drinking water to the rural district of Ndiaganiao

Country and regions
Senegal, M'Bour department


• The NGO Eau Vive in Thies
Ndiaganiao rural council

Project financing

Project issue
Supply of drinking water to the Ndiaganiao rural community

Project Supervision/Contractor
Rural council of Ndiaganio

• Eau Vive
• The association "Les amis franšais de Saint Herblain"

Project description
First phase:
In the short term, the project looks to rehabilitate the existing water system. It would be equipping a water pump station located in the north-west of the rural community (in the village of Soussoum) with a 30 m3/hour pump set, making it capable of supplying seven (7) villages with drinking water.
Second phase:
In the middle to long term, this water pump station in Soussoum will be upgraded with a 60 m3/hour pump and a new water tower of 300 m3/20meters so as to extend the first phase to eight (8) other villages of the rural community.
Seven (7) other water pump stations in the area need repairs and their networks must be extended to surrounding villages. These operations will require a complementary study.

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